Reflections on beginnings…

Last Friday saw the inaugural meeting of the Analogue Club in Belfast; our numbers were few but the conversation was rich and the guacamole was good!

Our conversations pivoted around the ideas of community/interdependence, and independence/isolation presented in Laxness’ “Independent People”, and how the vast soundscapes Ólafur Arnalds highlighted the sheer size and beauty of the Icelandic landscape, highlighting the plight of our stubborn protagonist Bjartur and his isolated croft amidst the inhospitable Icelandic wilds.

Analogue member Celeste had this to share on her reading experience:

I really enjoyed this Icelandic pairing! I loved how Laxness engages you in the lives, superstitions and farms of the people all with the stark, arresting beauty of the Icelandic landscape as the backdrop. I can’t wait to finish the book. I found myself scribbling down excerpts from this beautiful book…


We are excited to finish this Icelandic pairing and welcome any thoughts or reflections you may have.

We’ve been aware that at times, communication has failed us in our beggings, and ultimately feel the Facebook page hasn’t served us as well as intended. As such we have decided to change our Facebook presence to that of a group. Through this we can better share thoughts, ideas, and events, as well as having a direct line of communication through Facebook messages.

…We are also investigating the idea of a mailing list – with updates and blog posts being e-mailed directly to your inbox. If you’d be interested in that let us know and sign up here: Analogue Club Mailing List

Any and all feedback on all of this would be very welcome.

And we will be posting very shortly about the March pairing: The Violent Bear It Away by Flannery O’Connor / Josh T Pearson, Last of the Country Gentlemen



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