experiments in books and music…

Welcome to analogue; a book club that seeks to pair music to the books we read.

Inspired by a shared love for music and literature, and the brief moments those two have intersected: a soundtrack in our mind’s ear, or lyric that echoes a favourite literary quote.

Our hope is that these pairings will compliment and enhance the reading experience – highlighting themes in the text or helping to create a sympathetic world/environment, helping to carve out a little bit of space in our weeks & days to read and reflect: revealing new nuance in familiar texts and engaging us with new finds.

IMG_5356IMG_5355As we delve into our book & record collections we hope to uncover gems, and tp explore the links between words and music, whether by shared themes or more obvious links (i.e. songs inspired by books, or vice versa).

We will have a physical meet-up monthly in Belfast, Northern Ireland with book, music, and drinks. It will be a chance to discuss the past months’ pairing and look at the month ahead.

Our hope is that those further afield will be able to join us online through social media and this blog.

This is all a bit of an experiment, and we hope that you will all be a vocal community – sharing thoughts and ideas about whether a particular pairing worked, and the ways in which you think it influenced your reading of the book (whether positive or negative). Suggested pairings are also more than welcome!

Join us on our Facebook page to join the community and become part of the conversation.


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